Live a vibrant, healthy, connected life & from this place...serve others.


I'm Sunny, & I support women on their journey to wholeness and becoming their best, most vibrant selves through Ayurvedic Medicine and Wise Woman healing traditions. I teach and mentor students & practitioners alike.

Learn the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through my style of hands-on self healing or work with me one-on-one through preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and all of your life’s transitions.

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I started working with Sunny a month before I discovered I was pregnant with our second girl, which to be honest was a bit of a surprise! Of course the timing with Sunny was serendipitous, as it meant I could start right away in her pregnancy program. It was profoundly valuable working with Sunny throughout my pregnancy and during the initial postpartum period. Sunny provided support on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, helping me navigate questions that arose (whether about diet or birth), address health concerns for me and my baby, and develop and maintain a daily rhythm that would support my constitution and pregnancy. She was always available to help me with any issues that came up and above all, hold me accountable for my own self care in a gentle, nurturing way. This was perhaps most essential! Given that Sunny is a self-employed Mamma of two, I was always blown away by her dedication to her work and supporting mothers (and me!) through such a tender and vulnerable time. And finally, the postpartum support Sunny provided was transformational for me. Before Cora was born, Sunny helped me map out a postpartum routine that included body care and diet. I felt much clearer and more energized following this birth than my first, despite both being c-sections! I can not recommend Sunny’s services enough. I have learned so much while also healing my body and honoring my body as a temple. She is a gift to all new mothers, whether preparing to birth their first or fifth child!
— Emma Frisch - Mama, Chef, Author, Entrepreneur
Speaking as a first time cleanser, Mamāyurveda’s program took my desire for complete wellness and self care to a whole new level! For over two weeks, I felt completely supported in mind, body and spirit while I so carefully nourished and cleansed from the inside-out. The daily rituals, organic herbs, oils and food were so carefully selected and complimentary and worked in complete harmony with my body. I also learned many valuable practices and insights into my body type that I will carry with me for life! Sunny’s expertise, professionalism and warmth enveloped the entire program and I will be forever grateful!
— Katie Andrysiak, Mama & Early Childhood Educator
Who doesn’t want to be healthier? But let’s be honest, doing cleanses and talking about body functions isn’t always cool. Forget about it being sexy. It’s not. But its necessary and working with Sunny makes it easier because she is amazing! In addition to her vast knowledge gained from decades of study, she is compassionate, thoughtful and detailed oriented. She also has a network of professional resources to round out her work. What I love even more than aaallll of this is, she’s grounded!
C’mon, raise your hand (or nod if folks are looking) if you’ve worked with healers, practitioners... who were so ethereal you couldn’t relate? - My hand is ALL the way up. Sunny understands that we all live in a world that, at times, can seem impossible. She holds space for her clients to improve their state of health while leaving expectations of perfection at the door. Working with her is doable. You’ll learn a lot and have that knowledge forever. FYI, the cleanse and reset recipes are yum-oh-la! That’s right, you can be well without starving. How awesome is that! Sunny offers both one:one and group online programs so you can be anywhere in the world and still work with her, which I love! I could truly go on and on. I’ll wrap up with this...
Sunny is everything you want in a practitioner and then some. I absolutely recommend working with her whenever you can.
— Karen Bayard, Comedienne, Founder of Whole Body Laughter
Sunny is a gem of a person and and I’m grateful for the guidance she provided me throughout my pregnancy! My work as a holistic health coach and yoga teacher drew me to Ayurvedic philosophy and teachings years ago. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to work with someone who could educate and support me through the lens of Ayurveda as it relates to the needs of a prenatal woman. I heard about Sunny’s work through another Ayurvedic teacher and reached out to her right away. I was excited to learn about her offerings and found her program to be the precise information and support I was looking for! I loved learning about the nuances of each trimester and how specific Ayurvedic practices, foods, beverages, spices, herbs, and oils could support me and my growing baby girl. In addition to fielding questions throughout my pregnancy, Sunny also helped me craft a nourishing postpartum plan that felt implementable. I highly recommend working with her!
— Kerrie Schur, Mama to Addelyn, Holistic Health Coach
I have taken a couple of courses with Sunny, & each takes me to the core of who I am, stripping away the excess and allowing me to see and feel my essential beauty, wisdom, and potential health.
It’s not easy in this busy time to take/ make the time to invest in self-care practices. There are a million things to distract me and get in the way, but each time I’ve been able to commit, even a little, I’ve been able to take some needed, powerful and positive steps towards a happier life. Clearing away some of the toxins, habits, replacing them with vibrant foods and loving practices. I consider these courses, the New Year Reset, the Cleanse - practices that I need to keep coming back to…., and its wonderful to engage with community online, feeling the support, the sisterhood, the commonality of our unique journeys. Thank you Sunny and all for this offering!
— Genevieve R, Mama, Photographer/Videographer