Ayurveda for Women's Health Transformation Packages


Ayurveda for Women's Health Transformation Packages

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please see the detailed description of what is offered in each package on the Women’s Health Transformations page.

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*Please note: This program consists of a set number of consultations along with correspondence between sessions (amount and type depends on the package you choose).
As my time is the value I offer, and my appointment openings are quite limited, I have a strict cancellation policy, as follows:

If you cancel or change your appointment -
24 hours or more betore your appointment - no charge, no problem!
23 hours to 2 hours in advance, in cases of emergency, I’ll make every effort to accommodate the change in schedule. This will be considered on a case by case basis. However, if this happens 3 times, a session may be counted as used.
Less than 1 hour in advance, the session will be counted as used except in true cases of emergency. If you prefer not to forfeit the session, you may pay a reschedule fee of $75 for schedule a new appointment.
NO SHOWS - Just don’t do it! ;) If you don’t show up to an appointment and don’t make every effort to contact me, your session will be forfeited (counted as used).