SO! I have a request... I mentioned I’m not offering a payment plan for the 4 month session.
I'd love to know and be able to let you all know who’s in
and if we have the minimum of 2 students needed to hold the mentorship this February.
Therefore, I’m asking you to head over and put down a small “I’m in” deposit.
Then you’ll have until January 31st to pay the balance. Sound good?

-> Say "I'm in" with an $89 deposit today! <-


What’s the goal?

  • To deepen your understanding of Ayurvedic principles and receive specific training in women’s health, with a basic understanding of how we work with children's health in Ayurveda
  • To eventually have enough training to begin helping others to integrate Ayurveda into their lives

Why work with me?

  • Currently, it’s difficult to find Ayurvedic programs where you can get a good education not only in classical Ayurvedic foundation, but in women’s & children's health
  • Working with me is really unique - you have the benefit of learning what students are learning at the world’s top Ayurvedic schools ( I was educated at one of those, The Ayurvedic Institute and I still teach there) PLUS learning women’s health AND learning about your own health
  • We go nice and slow - which means you can integrate this into a busy life

Who is this for?

  • Graduates of Ayurveda for Women or another Ayurvedic Foundation program
  • Women who want an Ayurvedic education but are unable to enroll in faster paced programs due to other responsibilities
  • Women who want to keep learning but aren’t sure where they want to go with their Ayurvedic education at this point 

Topics are based on:

  • Mainly, the NAMA Certification Board’s AHC (Ayurvedic Health Consultant) Competency Guidelines 
  • And to a lesser degree, Students' areas of interest
  • HOWEVER, I'm offering a VIP option (sounds fancy right? ;) It's my way of offering you an option to meet with me in addition to our group sessions once a month to get a little more help AND to delve into your interests a bit more. This option includes email Q & A as well. 

Cost & Calendar

  • Deeply discounted for the first year!
  • Standard program - $399 for each 4 month session (8 sessions - 12 hours of live content)
    or $775 for the full year which includes 2 x 4-month sessions (16 sessions - 24 hours of live content)
  • VIP program - $849 / 4-month session
  • Sessions run February through May and August through November (June, July and December are off)
  • Commitment to 1 full 4-month session is required
  • If you feel you can’t pay for the full 4 months up front, you can use Paypal’s no interest financing for an additional 6 months to pay without interest or fees.



  • We'll meet live 2x/month via Zoom (we can see and hear one another) for approximately 90 minutes. I’ll present a topic and we'll have Q & A. I welcome questions related directly to the topic I just talked about first. If there’s time you can ask questions about previous sessions but I won’t take random questions or questions about material we haven't covered yet.
  • We’ll have a place to dialog about (almost) everything else in Facebook and/or in our course portal on Ruzuku.
  • Sessions will take place one Tuesday and one Friday each month, in the middle of the day Mountain time (US/Canada) / GMT -7 (*note: the time may be adjusted depending on the students locations that sign up. the regular time will be announced at the beginning of the mentorship and will stay regular)
  • There will be readings and homework assignments between sessions
  • From time to time, I will ask you to present your understandings to see how you’re taking in and processing the information
  • You must show up to take part and drive the content. IF we have a few students in the mentorship at any given time, and you must miss a session, you will have access to the recording. But if, at any given time you are the sole student in the mentorship, the session will not happen without you.


  • Our mentorship is 3 lecture hours / month (2 x 90-min sessions), plus 2 hours of online dialog in our portal, for a total of 5 contact hours.
  • On top of that you’ll need to put in about 10 hours of study time each month. That amounts to 15 hours/month, or 60 hours for the 4-month mentorship term. If you do the program for the entire year, you’ll have a 30-hr project to complete over the summer break (June/July).
  • That amounts to 150 hours/year plus 100 hours you already logged in Ayurveda for Women. If you want to qualify for the AHC credential with NAMA you’ll need at least 600 hours total. Keep this in mind - going along at the rate of the regular mentorship program, it'd take you 3-4 years to complete the requirements for the AHC credential. 
  • If I have enough students to do so, I will occasionally offer special topic workshops with expert guest teachers that you can take to go deep into a particular subject (Women’s diseases from an Ayurvedic perspective, for example, which is called Strī Roga), and then those workshops would count for a bunch of hours in one weekend or series of evenings for example.
  • So you can see that if you have plenty of time and you’re completely focused on becoming an AHC, you may want to take a full time or even part time program. If you don’t have time to study more quickly, then Mama Ayurveda's mentorship is a great option for you.

I need to have at least two students to hold the mentorship. This is a change from the email I sent out, but I've decided this is an important piece.


  • You already have Textbook of Ayurveda, Volume I, by Dr. Vasant Lad (the yellow book). You’ll also need to get Textbook of Ayurveda, Volume II, also by Dr. Lad (blue book). As we travel on down the road of study, I’ll let you know when you need to get other texts. For the first 4-month session this will do it.
  • There will be other optional books for additional study which I’ll let you know about later.


  • I’ll give the group reading assignments and projects to work on between the sessions, and sometimes bigger projects that will take more time.
  • If you stay on for a full year, you'll also have a project to work on over the June/July break
  • The reading assignments will be crucial to your understanding as the lectures just give a broad stroke to the topic
  • The projects will deepen your understanding through self experimentation, in general.


  • We will cover the topics on NAMA's AHC Competency Guidelines list, and we’ll do it in a particular order- building from more basic to more advanced. And, as I mentioned, we’ll systematically cover the topics you’ll need to be able to work with others down the road. Ayurveda is a very organized science, so there’s a natural flow built in.
  • As far as personal interests, I will take these into account and, as much as possible, angle into your interests where appropriate.
    *If you want a program more tailored to your interests, talk to me about the VIP mentorship option.






Q: What if I “skimmed” the material in Ayurveda for Women or didn’t finish it at all?
A: To take part in the mentorship you need to have all that knowledge under your belt and be ready to move on from there. The first couple months will be a lot of deepening into concepts we’ve already covered, but you need to have the level of understanding that was already covered in A4W. 

So, this doesn’t mean you’re out if you haven’t finished yet, or didn’t do all of the readings. But it DOES mean that you need to go and do this now, before the mentorship begins in February.

Q: If I can’t join the mentorship right now, can I join in a few months?
Short answer is no. If your only experience of Ayurveda is Ayurveda for Women, you’ll be behind come our fall mentorship session and that probably won’t work. If however, you have other Ayurveda experience, OR if you do catch up on your own with what has been covered, you can probably jump into our fall session (which begins in August) and be fine. 

Q: So if I’m willing to put in the work, how do I join late? 
 If you want to join us in August, you need to pay for the spring session too and watch all of the lectures, read our group dialogs, do the readings and assignments. If you have extra questions to complete this on your own, and/or you want me to be available for your questions and support outside of the group sessions, you can do this with me for a super discounted rate of $40/hour ( I usually charge$100/hour to work with clients, but I’m making myself available to my students for a hugely discounted rate).

Q: What if I want extra tutoring to create my own programs, formulas, or just want to go faster?
A: I’m also offering a VIP mentorship option for $849 for each 4-month session. If you sign up for this, you’ll still be part of our group lectures and discussions, but you’ll also have email and chat access to me to get all of your extra questions answered and you and I will meet an additionales per month privately for tutoring.

Q: If I don’t do VIP, just the regular program, how do I get my questions answered?
A: Live on our twice monthly sessions is where you can show up and ask questions, and in our group portal dialogs.

Q: How do the mentorship program costs compare to just doing a regular school program?
A: A typical program that would prepare you for the NAMA AHC designation at the 600-1000 hour level costs $10K-15K. If you study with me for 4 years at the regular program rate, which will probably double in the second year to around $1,500 for the year, you'd have a total of approx $5,000 at the end of those 4 years ($775 for the first year, $1500/year thereafter). So, it's waaaay less expensive.
If you do the VIP program, you can finish a bit faster. Let's say 2.5 years at $1698 for the first year ($849/ 4-mo session) and $2399/year for the next 1.5 years, the final cost would be approx $5300.


Q: What if the students are on different levels?

In general, people won’t be on different levels. Of course everyone has their own style, and some are a bit quicker than others with particular topics. This is for grads of Ayurveda for Women and there may be some that have a bit more experience. There will be some review lectures to make sure some concepts are really understood (and for those that feel they already “know” the review topics, let me say that there is always another layer to be added to your understanding, so it’s never just a boring review I don’t think!). When I offer the mentorship opportunity to future grads of Ayurveda for Women, a year out or more, I will start a new group. But I’ll also decide on a case-by-case basis if someone has enough allied experience to join an existing group. If you’re worried I’ll let someone with a lot less understanding derail the group learning, don’t worry, I won’t. 

In Ayurveda for Women, we have a mix of students. Some are putting their toe in the water to see if they want to create a future in Ayurveda, and some are just interested in women’s health or in improving their own health. So we attract some students that are a bit more serious and some that aren’t at all. 

In the mentorship program, I expect a different level of “studentship”  - this means that you need to keep up with the work and be present with the material and our classes in order to continue. 

Q: Are we eligible to take the AHC exam or apply for NAMA professional membership after studying with you?

A: I will not be applying to become a NAMA-approved school (I’d have to increase the hours and fees quite a bit if I do that), which means you won’t be automatically considered as having graduated from a NAMA approved school where all you’d have to do is take the exam.

But what they say is that you can apply for the professional designation and they would ask you and me for documentation that you’ve covered what’s required. I will provide that to them for a small admin fee of $30. Why the fee? Because I’m a solo teacher, not a school and therefore I don’t charge admin fees that would cover doing extra legwork for my students like that. The mentorship fee is very low, so I have to charge a separate admin fee so I can pay my assistant to do this for you.

Also, and this is important: The AHC designation requires some supervised patient interaction which I am not currently offering and Sanskrit which I’m also not currently offering. I may offer these eventually within Mamāyurveda, but no guarantees at this point. If I don’t offer this, you’ll have to get this experience elsewhere and I can make some recommendations. In fact, it would be easy for you to get started studying Sanskrit right away, concurrently with our mentorship, and I can make some recommendations for you regarding how to do this. When you’re doing your education on your own with a variety of teachers, the process is the same for applying for a professional credential with NAMA. As long as you cover all requirements and pass the exam, you should qualify. 

Here’s the link to the student FAQ on NAMA’s site

Here’s a link to the professional membership application, so you can see what they’re asking for.

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