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I'm Sunny Rose Healey and I support women to heal and become their best, most vibrant selves through Ayurvedic Medicine and Wise Woman healing traditions and I support and mentor students & practitioners alike.

Learn the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through my style of hands-on self healing or work with me one-on-one through preconception, pregnancy and postpartum and all of your life transitions.

You are welcome here!  Have a look around at my offerings, see if something sparks for you and click below if you want to schedule a free discovery session with me.

I started working with Sunny a month before I discovered I was pregnant with our second girl, which to be honest was a bit of a surprise! Of course the timing with Sunny was serendipitous, as it meant I could start right away in her pregnancy program. It was profoundly valuable working with Sunny throughout my pregnancy and during the initial postpartum period. Sunny provided support on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, helping me navigate questions that arose (whether about diet or birth), address health concerns for me and my baby, and develop and maintain a daily rhythm that would support my constitution and pregnancy. She was always available to help me with any issues that came up and above all, hold me accountable for my own self care in a gentle, nurturing way. This was perhaps most essential! Given that Sunny is a self-employed Mamma of two, I was always blown away by her dedication to her work and supporting mothers (and me!) through such a tender and vulnerable time. And finally, the postpartum support Sunny provided was transformational for me. Before Cora was born, Sunny helped me map out a postpartum routine that included body care and diet. I felt much clearer and more energized following this birth than my first, despite both being c-sections! I can not recommend Sunny’s services enough. I have learned so much while also healing my body and honoring my body as a temple. She is a gift to all new mothers, whether preparing to birth their first or fifth child!
— Emma Frisch - Mama, Chef, Author, Entrepreneur