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Mini Rest + Reset Cleanse Guide

At the junction of the seasons, a cleanse is ideal to rest and reset the digestive system and cleanse accumulated toxins. I typically recommend a cleanse of 16 days in order to accomplish this (thus my Spring and Autumn Cleanse offerings), plus a post cleanse rejuvenation phase that is appropriate to the length of the cleanse. But for a longer cleanse in the Ayurvedic tradition (pancha karma or home pancha karma) it’s important to have expert guidance.

That’s why I’m gifting you this mini cleanse, which is gentle and meant to be followed on one’s own.

This mini cleanse is meant to be followed for 1 to 3 days. With a short duration like this, you don’t have to worry about easing back into your life afterward - but I still recommend that you do! Once you’ve done this cleanse, consider incorporating 1 kitchari meal into the following day, and continuing to avoid the items on the “avoid” list for at least another day, longer if possible.

The best time to do the cleanse is on a day or during a time when you have few responsibilities and can rest and relax. This will make the routine possible, and amplify the benefits. You can take this diet while on your menses, but the oil massage is not appropriate, so choose a time when you will not be on your menses.

Take a look at everything that you’ll need for this and make sure you gather all ingredients before beginning.

The spa portion of the cleanse is your daily warm oil massage and hot bath/shower.

*Important Note: A cleanse, even a very gentle one such as this, is not appropriate for women that are pregnant or nursing, or if you’re on your menses. It’s also not a good time to do it if you are acutely ill (fever, flu, cold, etc) or if you are suffering from cancer, hypertension, stroke or just post surgery (not a complete list).