Get ready to conceive a radiantly healthy baby



So you want to bring a baby into the world,
But you know there's more to this than just deciding to have a baby, and getting pregnant.

Are you wondering if you’re fertile,
or if your partner is fertile?
Or if you might be too old or not healthy enough?

Maybe you're here because you want to consciously conceive the healthiest baby you can,
AND NOT leave it up to chance...

Your goal in this program is to use cleansing,
food, daily rituals, herbs & supplements
In just a few months, you'll prepare every aspect of your being– body, mind and spirit
to conceive the healthiest baby possible.
This program IS FOR YOU even if you're over age 35.

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How I struggled and then found my way

In 2011 I was in my late 30s and wanted to become a mother.

As a practitioner of Ayurveda, I knew there were ways to increase the chances of having a healthy baby, but I wanted a guide. I didn't want to act as my own practitioner, I wanted someone else who had walked that path to show me the way. I looked around for resources that would set me on the right path to preparing myself but I didn't find anything that suited me. There were the standard guides that told about diets "everyone" should follow, taking ovulation tests, tricks for encouraging sperm to find their way, special lubricants that mimic fertile fluids, and on and on. There were online communities with lots of acronyms I didn't understand - TTC, AF, DD, DH, OPK... my head was spinning.

Surely I wasn't the first to wonder, "what's the deal here?" Fertility is one of the most basic of human qualities. And yet, in this modern time in which we're living, we've somehow forgotten how to be fertile, or we just complicate matters by making something as organic and primal as fertility, into an equation to solve.
I wondered, "where is the simple guide to getting healthy, following natural rhythms and getting pregnant?"

And there was this one big thing that did worry me ...  it really nagged at me, and I wanted a hand to hold through the process because of it.
I was already past the “ideal” childbearing age according to so many.

I was almost 37. I was healthy, finally, after a long struggle with chronic health issues, but I was technically “over the hill” in terms of getting pregnant. I felt discouraged, and wondered if I’d be putting my future child at risk just by being 37 or if I'd be able to get pregnant at all.

I dug deep for information

What were the most important pieces to focus on? I found a few information gems but no books or programs. I decided I would learn all I could about how to prepare for a healthy conception using the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic medicine (traditional medicine from India and mother of Chinese medicine) AND the best that modern nutritional medicine had to offer.

I learned how to care for myself in a whole new way. I also learned that my husband’s health was at least as important as mine.

Together, we followed a gentle cleanse, walked every day, followed simple lifestyle practices, and ate better than ever. We also focused on mental and spiritual aspects of fertility because we knew this was HUGE. It turns out, we had both been exposed to some powerful techniques from our teachers that would serve us well in the realm of fertility and conscious conception.

When we felt it was time to begin trying, I felt optimistic and relaxed about it. I figured it could take a year, so I settled in and made plans to teach classes into the fall.
In the second month of trying, we were leaving on trip early one morning. I was due to start my cycle in a few days but had a sudden urge to take a pregnancy test... it was positive!

I went on to have a healthy, energetic pregnancy, a peaceful homebirth, and a healthy baby.

 I worked with a postpartum Ayurvedic doula and learned a lot about the benefits of exceptional postpartum care.

I applied what I had learned the first time around when we decided to have a second child at age 41 and we conceived the very first time we tried.

Again, I had a homebirth and a healthy baby. This time I created a postpartum program for myself with only the support of my husband and immediate family and had a powerfully healing postpartum time.


Through working with clients, students,
and through my own experience,
I realized I have a unique system on my hands and a desire to share it with others.

I've applied this system to
The Bija Fertility Program
and I pull it through into my other programs.

I invite you to benefit from my experience!


a 4-month program that will change your health and your life

You have the power to directly influence your baby’s lifelong health.

For centuries Ayurveda has taught that a trimester of care before becoming pregnant
is equally important as each trimester of pregnancy.
Modern science has demonstrated the benefits of this through numerous studies.

Incorporating a customized program including balancing diet & lifestyle rituals
before pregnancy, profoundly influences your baby’s health, lifelong.

What a lot of people don’t know, is that the same care that nourishes
healthy egg + sperm can also dramatically increase:

1- Your ability to conceive (even over age 35!)

2- Your ability to carry a baby to term

3- Your ability to experience pregnancy without complications

4- Your ability to have an uncomplicated birth

5- Your ability to thrive after birth


While most fertility programs focus on one-size-fits-all diets and protocols, the Bija Fertility Program is customized to your unique constitution. Together, we’ll analyze your body/mind constitution and then we’ll make simple adjustments to your diet, lifestyle & routines so you can quickly become as fertile as possible.
From the toolbox, you’ll select the components that will support you in relieving stress and opening the pathways of your body, mind and spirit to optimal health and the new spirit you’ll be inviting in.


The 9 months your baby spends in the womb are some of the most important months of their life developmentally, And you want to make sure your body is the most hospitable place to grow and nurture the precious new life you’re bringing into the world. The first step is to cleanse your body of all of the toxins you’ve accumulated from a lifetime living in our modern world. Once you cleanse these toxins out of your body, you’ll also learn how to keep them out, so your baby will have the clean, healthy environment you want to raise them in.

Then you’ll learn to choose exactly which foods, medicines lifestyle practices and supplements are best for you, and will directly impact your baby's future health.



The realm of mental and spiritual health is considered to be one of the most powerful and yet overlooked areas in fertility medicine. In Ayurveda, mind, body and spirit are inseparable.
Learn practices that bring all aspects of yourself into alignment, in service of this magnificent goal of conceiving a healthy baby.



Ancient practice and modern research tell us that about 4 months after cleansing and beginning new optimal practices is the best time to begin trying to conceive. We’ll look at the Ayurvedic “prescription” for the act of conception and discuss optimal timing.
You’ll also learn ancient secrets that can influence the sex of your baby.

"I'm so excited.. this honestly is the program I've been waiting and praying for”
- Bija program client 2017


1.     FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) CLASS SERIES with special guest teacher Sarah Bly, FAE, DEM, Midwife
Learn the anatomy and physiology of the menstrual cycle and how to chart your cycle and use it to conceive. You'll learn how to see fertile signs in your charting, and most importantly. You'll learn exactly when in your cycle conception is most likely (this is HUGELY powerful).

2.     TUTORIAL TEACHING YOU HOW TO USE VAGINAL STEAMS for health, hormone balance, boosting fertility & juiciness!
With special guest teacher Jacqueline Wooden, LMT, Certified Practitioner of ATMAT® (Arvigo Therapy of Maya Abdominal Techniques)

3.     CLEANSE KIT - lovingly customized to your needs by me. I source your ideal cleanse items and ingredients from over 10 different vendors and put the kit together myself and send it off to you. There’s no pre-made or one-size-fits all going on here.

4.     18 month access to my professional supplement dispensary which includes a 20% discount off all supplements, and access to professional formulas you can't find in stores

5. Access to me, on Voxer - 10 hours/day, 5 days/week ;) Ask me your questions, and I generally answer within a few hours.

6. Household Detox Guide! Your guide to making your entire home conducive to your health, wellness and fertility.

7. Wellness practices - breathing exercises, pranayama, meditations and more. These are my gifts to you and are practices you can use not only now to support your goal, but lifelong to support you through pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond.

-> Total value of these bonuses is over $800 <-


What is the Bija Fertility Program?

The Bija Fertility Program is actually a pre-conception program. I call it a fertility program because to the human mind and heart, the word “fertility” conjures the an idea of health, liveliness and juiciness - all traits we cultivate in this program.

You’re probably here because you know that consciously planning your conception allows you to influence not only your own health during pregnancy but your baby’s health - which has a lifelong impact. Ayurveda has understood the importance of pre-conception care as a means to influence a baby’s constitution, for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years.

As a board certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, I have a deep understanding of how to support you (and perhaps your partner as well) in balancing your essential nature, your unique constitution, so that you pass on what is strong and stable about physical and mental nature, and minimize what is perhaps less strong or more imbalanced in yourself. If you have questions about how this works, read on or schedule a free session with me to ask questions.

Who is the program for?

Women - single, or in a partnership or marriage with a man or another woman, where the partner will not be participating.
Couples - Women and Men who will be mother and father or contributing sperm and egg.
Partners who will not be contributing sperm or egg but want to participate in solidarity are more than welcome :)

This program is perfect whether you will use intercourse to conceive or whether you will seek IUI through a clinic or undergo IVF

When is the best time to begin?

Pre-conception care is ideally begun at least 4-6 months prior to conceiving, no matter whether the conception method is through intercourse or through assisted methods such as IUI or IVF.

Preconception care can begin anytime you become aware of it or aware of the fact that you wish to get pregnant in the near future. If you’ve already been trying to conceive without success, this program will ask you to back up several months and start with the healthiest foundations possible.

If you have a health condition (even if you just feel unwell without a diagnosis), the earlier you begin working on your health, the better. I may recommend that we work together for one or more sessions before beginning the Bija Fertility Program, as some health conditions take more than a few months to bring into balance.

If you are currently on hormones (including hormonal birth control), I recommend that we work together some before beginning The Bija Fertility Program to begin getting your hormones and nutrient status in balance.

How does the program work, and what is the timeline?

Timeline -

Using intercourse or IUI to conceive: We begin 4-6 months before you wish to begin trying to conceive or your scheduled IUI appointment. If you’ll be undergoing IUI, the first step of the program is a cleanse, which should be completed before you begin taking fertility medications and must be completed a minimum of 3 months, and ideally 4 months before your IUI treatment.

If you will undergo IVF: We begin 4-6 months before your estimated egg retrieval date. The first step of the program in this case is a cleanse, which must be completed before you begin taking any fertility medications, and must be completed a minimum of 3 months, and ideally 4 months before you begin taking follicle stimulation medications.

Once you sign up:

  • You’ll be invite to schedule your intial, comprehensive appointment with me. This and all appointments in the program take place online, with video (or by phone if needed), so that we can work together no matter where you live or travel. In our initial appointment, we’ll go over your health history in depth, and I’ll get an idea of your desired timeline and other factors.

  • I’ll explain how I see the program working within the realm of your life and conception goals, and we’ll discuss your cleanse.

  • We’ll create your custom program calendar together!

Once your program starts...

  • I’ll put together and ship your custom cleanse kit

  • Within your online program portal, you'll have handouts, recordings and sometimes videos of me explaining how things works, and teaching you what to do at each phase of the program, and how to do it

  • You'll have access to an online Toolbox - in the toolbox you’ll find the essential and perhaps some optional practices that you can begin incorporating into daily and weekly life. The practices will support balance, energy, wellness and fertility.

  • Together, we’ll create your personalized food plan, exercise plan, and daily routine, so you'll know exactly what to do each and every day to bring yourself closer to bringing your baby into the world

I’ll lead you through a 3-week custom cleanse followed by rejuvenation

  • In a supportive environment, you'll slowly but surely remove all that is unnecessary or that does not serve your best health from your diet and daily lifestyle.

  • Following a simple cleansing diet, you'll remove old toxins and clear the pathways

  • You'll choose a few simple practices to turn inward and reflect, support toxins moving out, and remove stress and blockages

  • When the cleanse is complete, you'll learn how to begin anew with a custom food and exercise plan to support your new level of health

  • You'll take delicious herbal medicines that will bring new levels of vitality to every cell in your body, and boost your fertility

  • We'll discuss supplementation and make sure you're on track with your micro nutrients - generally I recommend a few baseline supplements such as a prenatal vitamin and a few others depending on your specific factors.

You'll learn FAM (fertility awareness method) and have 2 private sessions with Sarah Bly, FAE, DEM, Midwife

  • Sarah Bly will lovingly teach you to read your body’s signs and signals, and she’ll answer your questions and make sure you're on track to accurately chart your cycles and learn if and when you're ovulating each month.

You'll watch a Vaginal Steaming tutorial and have the option to bring this into your toolbox of practices

We'll discuss conception factors ...

And then we'll continue to stay in touch as you walk down the path of conceiving your baby :)

We'll be in touch regularly via email and Voxer

  • I'm there with you to answer questions any time they arise. For this program, I use the Voxer app, which I only use with my most in-depth, long-term clients. This method allows us to check in easily and regularly via voice or text, without writing out big long letters to one another (but don’t get me wrong, I also love big long letters sometimes too).

  • Voxer allows us to discuss how things are going and answer questions, dialog with one another and keep you on track toward your goal. Email is also an option, for less pressing questions and check-ins.







Q: Will I receive support even after the program is over?
A: After the 4 months is complete, you and I will continue to communicate via email as you are trying to conceive. I certainly want to hear your updates and you are welcome to schedule follow up appointments with me at any time for an additional fee.

Q: What if I have some big health issues that may prevent me from getting pregnant? Can I still benefit from this program?
A: Yes, anyone can benefit from following a custom diet, exercise program and lifestyle practices to achieve greater health. Please speak with Sunny to discuss your particular concerns. I often recommend starting with a women's health transformation program first if we need to address some chronic health issues. Once you begin to feel better, we can head into the fertility program.

Q: Can I begin sooner or later than the 4-6 months?
Yes, we can begin working together right away, even if you don’t plan to conceive for a while. Because we have a specific set of things we’re working on during The Bija program, this program is set for a period of 4-6 months. However, if you’d like to begin working with me further out than 6 months, I recommend doing one of my Women’s Health Transformation programs to begin. This is especially important if you have some health concerns, or if you have not been feeling well for some time. If feel well and have no health concerns and you would simply like to have one or two sessions with me prior to starting the BFP, email me to discuss your situation and we’ll come up with a plan.

Q: Will this program be good for me even if I end up doing IVF?
A: Yes! In fact I would highly recommend following this program before beginning that process.

Q: Is this program just for couples or just for heterosexual couples?
A: No, absolutely not. While it would be ideal if both the woman and man who will be contributing egg and sperm to creating this new life participated in the program, the woman who will be the mother can absolutely participate on her own, or a woman with a female partner/wife.

Q: Can you guarantee that this program will create conception?
A: No. No one can give you that guarantee, not with even the most sophisticated medical interventions. What I can guarantee is that you will be as prepared as you can be. 

Q: How important is it for my husband to do this with me?
A: I'm so glad you asked. In the recent past women were told if they weren't getting pregnant, it was because they alone were infertile. We now know that this is rarely the truth and that there are many other pieces to consider. One of the most important is that men can also be infertile or sub fertile. Men who are sub fertile will benefit from this program! As will women who are sub fertile. Not only that, Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that by getting ourselves truly healthy and balanced prior to conception, we give our babies the best possible chance at lifelong health. And as Dad contributes 50% of this, it's just as important for him to follow a preconception program.

Q: Can I plan to get pregnant in these 3-4 months?
A: No. This is time you should set aside for cleansing, rejuvenation, getting healthy and preparing for conception. My recommendation is that you begin trying to conceive approximately 4 months after completing your cleanse.

Q: Any idea what kind of success rates this program will produce?
A: This program, is modeled after other programs that have been very successful– add in Ayurvedic medicine with hundreds of years of history in this realm, and you can imagine why I'm so excited to lead you down this path. The Foresight Association (UK) did a study of one the aforementioned programs and these were the statistics: 1067 couples took part. Miscarriage rate was 3.5% (typically 10-25%); Malformation rate was 0.47% (average ~3%); Average birth weight was 7lbs. 11oz.; When couples used IVF after completing the program they had a success rate of 43.5% compared to a 22.6% expected success rate.
This program is still quite new, however I'm happy to report that my first participants are pregnant at the time of this writing! All conceived healthy babies within 1-3 months of trying. I can only guess this won't be the case for everyone, but it's a fantastic sign.

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