Q: Does this course offer any sort of certification?
A: I’m offering this course in 2 ways:
1- tune into whatever you can and complete the assignments for yourself
2- view all webinars, show up for all group meetings (online), do the readings and turn in all assignments
*Those that follow the second option will receive a certificate stating that they’ve successfully completed the course
For Ayurveda, there is no licensure in the US, and recognized certification is offered via NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) based on completing a certain number of hours at a recognized school. As this program is 100 hours it doesn’t qualify for NAMA certification, which is 600 hours at the most basic level. I am NAMA certified at the Ayurvedic Practitioner level, so in the future, my courses will likely qualify as ACE (Ayurvedic Continuing Education).
Thanks for your question!

Q: Can you tell me if most ayurveda training programs cover prenatal and postnatal care?
A: Most Ayurvedic programs do not cover women's health in any depth. At the Ayurvedic Institute where I'm on faculty, they have recently begun offering more women's health training as part of the program. My understanding of California College of Ayurveda's program is that one learns about women's health only in the advanced program but it looks to be a good survey of perinatal curriculum without knowing it in-depth.
*What's unique about the Ayurveda for Women course, is that you learn just enough foundation to be able to get into women's health quickly. I know of no other courses that take you into women's health in such a short time.
That said, of course we don't go into depth the way you will in a full program. But we will build a great foundation for your future studies!

Q: Do you require books in your training?
A: Yes we will use Dr. Lad's Textbook of Ayurveda Volume 1 as our main text. I'm in the process of deciding on 1 or 2 other texts. The manual we will use is provided as part of the course and I will be sending that to you prior to the start date.

Q: What if I am unable to take the course this fall? Are there other dates being offered?
A: Great question. The next course offering depends on the amount of interest - which I think is only limited by my ability to get the word out! If I have enough requests, I may offer the course again in the spring, and again next fall. I also plan to record all sessions, and may offer the course as a DIY anytime for a discounted rate.