• Relieve digestive issues like gas, bloating & constipation & Increase your digestive power?

  • Boost your energy levels ?

  • Optimize your immunity ?

  • Lose excess weight & Balance your metabolism ?

  • Sleep better ?

  • Let your skin glow?

  • Clear brain fog & Unfold optimism and productivity ?

  • Relieve mystery aches & pains and feel great ?

  • Help to relieve mystery issues over time, such as allergies?

  • Do all of the above WHILE eating 3 meals each day?

 These are some of the successes that have been shared with me by clients that have followed my cleanse program.


Seasonal Group Cleanse in the Spring & Autumn
OR Custom Cleanse anytime


Autumn Cleanse Registration is now open and closes September 18th.
We begin our cleanse September 29th!

All options include:

  • Live group calls with replay

  • Group support forum

  • Instructional videos and handouts

  • Simple Recipe Booklet

  • Detailed guides & support from Sunny for each day of your cleanse

Deluxe Cleanse with Kit Also includes:

  • Full Kit w/ all supplies, dry foods and medicines needed (everything except your fresh/perishable food ingredients)

  • A 30-minute private consult with Sunny

  • 1:1 email support from Sunny throughout the cleanse, as needed

  • *This option is required for those new to our cleanses

    Cost: $399 + shipping

Deluxe Custom Cleanse with Kit Also includes all of the above PLUS:

  • A 45-minute private consult with Sunny

  • Unlimited voice and text support via the Voxer app (during the day, 9am-5pm)

  • Unlimited email support - emails are usually answered within 12 hours

  • *This option is recommended if you are on any medications or if you have health issues that need to be monitored during the cleanse.

    Cost: $519 + shipping

Basic Cleanse includes:

  • Instruction Only (no kit) for the 16-day cleanse with rejuvenation

  • Receive a supply list so you can use what you already have and fill in by ordering on our medicinals website.
    *There will be items in the kit you can only get from Sunny, so keep in mind if you choose this option you will need to place an order with us for fill-in items. We keep the cost on your fill-in order as low as possible :)

  • Tons of support from Sunny via live calls and group forum.

  • *This option is only for those that have done an Ayurvedic cleanse with Sunny before*
    Please get in touch with questions.

    Cost: $179


*Recommended for everyone*
Essential if you have never done an Ayurvedic cleanse of this depth or if you have any health issues/concerns.


Done this with Sunny before? Sign up for this option if you have many of the  supplies already. Keep in mind there will be a few special items to order regardless.


Do you have health issues or need extra support? Do you take medications? If so, this is for you. Includes unlimited 1:1 support while working along with the group.


I came to Ayurveda to understand my own delicate constitution and to find a way to work with chronic health conditions I'd been suffering from, including migraine headaches, digestive problems and physical pain.
This method of Ayurvedic cleansing has been a life-saver for me and every time I do this cleanse I feel it takes my health to a new level. I have clients who've successfully used this cleanse to lose weight, clear their skin, experience normal elimination for the first time ever, some who've felt they received a complete reset in their lives, those who've become pain-free for the first time in a long time, and several who've seen positive changes in their diagnostic labs - going from elevated LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and sugar levels to being well within normal ranges.
I look forward to guiding you in your cleanse and seeing what your transformation will bring.

Sunny Rose Healey, AP is a board certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, herbalist, apprentice midwife, and mother of 2 young children.



  • This cleanse is unique because it focuses on cleansing all tissues, rather than just the digestive tract as many cleanses do.

  • We begin by ingesting plain ghee on an empty stomach, which goes deep into the tissues, lubricating accumulated waste.

  • We use specific practices and abstinences to pull these wastes back into the digestive tract and to eliminate them from the body safely & effectively. This process cannot happen overnight. A 3, 5 or even a 7-day cleanse can help get you started, but will not be NEARLY as effective as setting aside a full 10-16 days so that you can ease in and ease out. Easing out mindfully will help you to incorporate changes that will ACTUALLY STICK! Jumping in and out quickly is not only not as effective but can be harmful.

  • We eat three warm, easy to digest meals per day (no, you don't need to feel hungry!), and incorporate soothing teas and other digestive helpers. We also incorporate practices to relieve stress and soothe & rejuvenate your mind and nervous system.

  • We then head into a rejuvenation cycle and send you out into the world with a daily routine you'll love, that will extend the benefits of the cleanse into all areas of your life.


1. Register to join me for the Autumn Cleanse NO LATER than September 18th. We need time to get your kit and instructions to you, and you need time to prepare yourself. **The cleanse may fill up so we recommend signing up as soon as you know you want to.
*Registration closes 9/18 for deluxe kit ordering to allow time to get your cleanse kit to you and to get you started on a pre-cleanse diet.
*If you're outside the US, please contact me before registering, to discuss shipping and/or supply options.

2. Schedule your 30 minute one-to-one session with Sunny (full deluxe cleanse participants only)

3. Receive your cleanse kit in the mail, or order your fill-in kit items (once you register I’ll let you know how to order fill-in items)

  • Digestive tea

  • Customized herbal digestion formula

  • Detox medicinals: Craving/blood sugar support, Blood cleanser, Shitaljit: all in tablet form

  • Psyllium/herb formula for AM elimination support + Triphala for PM elimination support

  • Daily massage oil (tridoshic)

  • Nasya (nasal) oil

  • Dry lymphatic brush

  • Enema bucket with medicinal tea mix

  • Kitchari meal ingredients: Ghee, White basmati rice, Split yellow mung beans, Mamāyurveda’s kitchari spice mix

  • Green detox drink mix

  • Probiotics

  • Virechana formula for our mid-cleanse “flush”

  • Proprietary rejuvenation mix: Mamāyurveda’s Rose Gold Rejuvenation

4. Login to our cleanse portal where you'll receive your get started instrucitons, and find printable guides, videos and "what-to-do" delivered there for you each and every day.

5. Go Shopping for all of your fresh ingredients (detailed checklist will be provided)

6. Follow the Cleanse schedule
*THIS IS THE GROUP SCHEDULE - doesn't fit your schedule? Consider a custom cleanse with custom dates instead.

  • 9/29 - 10/1 - Ease-in & Eliminate
    + Live group Call 10/1 11am-12pm Mountain Time

  • 10/2 - 10/10 - Deeply detoxify & Reset
    + Live group Call 10/4 11am-12pm Mountain Time
    + Live group Call 10/8 11am-12pm Mountain Time

  • 10/11 - 10/14 - Begin Rejuvenation & Ease into your new routine
    + Live group Call 10/11, 11am-12pm Mountain Time

7. Take the life-changing benefits back into your daily life with my support, to continue your new lifestyle & newly elevated HEALTH + VITALITY.


Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 7.51.33 PM.png


  1. Home Detox guide: Don't just cleanse your body, detox your life. This guide walks you through getting rid of toxins in your food, cookware, cleaning products, personal care products & more.

  2. Kitchen setup and Pantry Prep guide

  3. Intro to Ayurveda & Dinacharya (daily routine) - a solid instruction that goes beyond the cleanse and extends the healing effects of this program into all areas of your life for as long as you like.

  4. Ayurvedic and yogic practices to enhance your cleanse & rejuvenate your body, mind & emotions

  5. Journaling Prompts to support the release of mental and emotional patterns that need shifting

  6. Castor Oil Pack tutorial

  7. Post-cleanse rejuvenation guide

  8. Support every step of the way :)

*Please note:
The Seasonal Cleanse is a GROUP cleanse program. Within a group context, Sunny will support you as completely as possible and will answer all of your questions within a reasonable time period. You will need to show up in the online portal and/or on the live calls to get your questions answered. The cleanse will be somewhat tailored to your needs, however for a completely customized cleanse with private consults and access to Sunny, please sign up for a 1:1 custom program.
This cleanse is to be undertaken by individuals that are generally in good health. Please wait to cleanse with us at a more appropriate time if you are pregnant, nursing (without prior approval from Sunny), acutely ill, under treatment for cancer, if you have a severe auto immune condition or if you have organ failure or a heart or high blood pressure condition. If you are on any medications, please contact Sunny before registration as some herbal products in this cleanse may be contraindicated.
Please also carefully consider whether you have travel scheduled during the cleanse. If this is your first time, we don’t recommend traveling while cleansing. If you have a question about whether this cleanse is right for you, please get in touch :)

Any questions? Please email Sunny

Here's what past participants have said:

Speaking as a first time cleanser, Mamāyurveda’s program took my desire for complete wellness and self care to a whole new level! For over two weeks, I felt completely supported in mind, body and spirit while I so carefully nourished and cleansed from the inside-out. The daily rituals, organic herbs, oils and food were so carefully selected and complimentary and worked in complete harmony with my body. I also learned many valuable practices and insights into my body type that I will carry with me for life! Sunny’s expertise, professionalism and warmth enveloped the entire program and I will be forever grateful!
— Katie Andrysiak, Santa Fe
Who doesn’t want to be healthier? But let’s be honest, doing cleanses and talking about body functions isn’t always cool. Forget about it being sexy. It’s not. But its necessary and working with Sunny makes it easier because she is amazing! In addition to her vast knowledge gained from decades of study, she is compassionate, thoughtful and detailed oriented. She also has a network of professional resources to round out her work. What I love even more than aaallll of this is, she’s grounded!
C’mon, raise your hand (or nod if folks are looking) if you’ve worked with healers, practitioners... who were so ethereal you couldn’t relate? - My hand is ALL the way up. Sunny understands that we all live in a world that, at times, can seem impossible. She holds space for her clients to improve their state of health while leaving expectations of perfection at the door. Working with her is doable. You’ll learn a lot and have that knowledge forever. FYI, the cleanse and reset recipes are yum-oh-la! That’s right, you can be well without starving. How awesome is that! Sunny offers both one:one and group online programs so you can be anywhere in the world and still work with her, which I love! I could truly go on and on. I’ll wrap up with this...
Sunny is everything you want in a practitioner and then some. I absolutely recommend working with her whenever you can.
— Karen Bayard, Comedienne, Founder of Whole Body Laughter
I’ve done so many cleanses and this has been the by far been the most profound cleanse for me so far. I saw improvements all around, with sleep, digestion, resetting my digestive tract, losing weight, improving mental clarity, sense of calm. It helped me to unwind the stress I was experiencing around moving and reintegrating into my new home. The daily routine was a profound piece both for myself and for my husband, especially with the self oil massage.
— Laura Newman, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Vancouver
Sunny’s Ayurvedic cleanse has been life changing- in all good ways! My husband and I cleansed together- which made it easier and more fun! It’s a lot of work to completely change your diet, without wiggle room, for an extended period of time... but Sunny walks you through it and is immediately responsive to questions. She provides a shopping list, meal recipes, timelines of that to expect and helpful tips along the way. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this kind of cleanse without her.My husband and I have called it our “reset” it feels like we took our bodies back to their true state of how they’re meant to function, and now it’s our responsibility not to mess them up again! We both feel more energy, more emotionally balanced, more mental clarity and stamina, and have little to no cravings for many of the foods we enjoyed before. Our eliminations are like clockwork and complete and our appetites are strong and at appropriate times. I used to commonly feel low blood sugar symptoms before feeling hunger pains, now my body knows when it’s hungry and communicates it to me! Having fought sensitive skin that flares up easily for years (I even eliminated dairy to help) my skin is now clean and clear- and that’s with integrating dairy back into my diet.If you have the opportunity to work with Sunny throughout a cleanse I would absolutely do it. We’re thankful for her and for all that the cleanse has helped to improve in our lives.
— Lindsay and Brandon Rust, Indianapolis

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Over time, we accumulate waste from our body’s inability to process everything we take in. Not only does this include improperly digested and inappropriate foods, but situations, thoughts and feelings we can’t fully digest.
Āyurveda calls this accumulated waste product āma. It is normal to produce some āma in the course of daily life, but even with a balanced diet and lifestyle cleansing one must cleanse from time to time in order the keep the amount of āma in check. Undertaking a cleanse allows the digestive system to rest, which allows the body to pull āma into the gastrointestinal tract in order for it to be properly eliminated.

A: Signs that it’s time to slow down and undertake some sort of cleanse may include:
Achy joints and muscles (not from exercise or injury), Not having regular daily bowel movements, Constipation, Stool that has foul odor, Stool that is sticky or that sticks to the toilet bowl, Feeling sluggish, tired or foggy-headed - even when nightly sleep is adequate, Foul body odor, Excess mucous, Excess weight that doesn't come off easily, Recurrent indigestion

A: The short answer is YES. If you have accumulated weight, some of that weight will most likely come off. A short cleanse such as this one isn’t enough to lose significant amounts of weight, but the shift you make in the process of cleansing will also get you on the right track to having healthier cravings (those that bring balance) and living a balanced life. Post cleanse, if you eat according your constitution as well as according to the strength of your digestive fire (agni), you will continue to lose weight that doesn’t serve you.

A: Yes absolutely. This cleanse, though it goes deep, is gentle in some ways. It is designed to be tridoshic (balancing for every constitution) and can be followed while working and going about one’s regular daily responsibilities. That said, it is most ideal to do this cleanse at a time when exposure to stressful situations can be limited, and when you can make time for rest, meditation, yoga and/or gentle exercise and a little self reflection. As I mentioned above, we also accumulate waste when we are unable to digest life's situations. So when we cleanse, we also detox the residue from these situations. Making sure you have time to breath and sit with yourself will give the most benefit. It's best to work below your actual capacity and schedule big meetings, reviews or any potentially stressful or deadline oriented events at other times.

A: Yes, that would be ideal, but the exercise must be gentle. Good exercises to do while cleansing would be yoga, walking in the fresh air, swimming (if the weather and water are relatively warm) and other low impact exercises such as T'ai Chi and Qi Gong. Strong exercise moves toxins AWAY from the GI tract out into the tissues, rather than bringing them into the GI tract where we want them, so they can be flushed out, so it’s very important NOT to do heavy exercise during the cleanse.

A:  The main meals in this cleanse are comprised of soaked split yellow mung beans and basmati rice or quinoa (kitchari). We use spices and cook these very well. For the majority of people, this makes a very light and easy to digest meal. If you have allergies to these items, we'll need to discuss your situation and determine if this cleanse is right for you and if we can find other food items that will be suitable. Keep in mind that quinoa is a seed and well tolerated by almost everyone. If you can't eat legumes definitely talk to me before signing up!

A: This cleanse (or any cleanse, really) would not be appropriate for children under age 16, pregnant and nursing women (talk to me if your baby is mostly eating food), those with acute illness such as fever, those with severe weakness or paralysis, those under treatment for cancer, if you have a severe auto immune condition or if you have organ failure or a heart or high blood pressure condition. If you are on any medications, please contact Sunny before registration as some herbal products in this cleanse may be contraindicated. If you have a question about whether this cleanse is right for you, please just get in touch :)
If you will be traveling more than a day or two during the cleanse I don’t recommend signing up this time, unless you’ve done this cleanse before and have a plan worked out. Traveling during the first 2 days of the cleanse however can definitely be worked out. After that, I would not recommend it as you will need to cook specific foods every day of the cleanse. Consider signing up for the custom cleanse and scheduling it for another time. This is not a comprehensive list, if you have any medical condition, please consult with your doctor & discuss with Sunny prior to beginning the cleanse.

Any questions? Contact Sunny

Can’t commit to the group cleanse schedule? Consider a custom cleanse.


Custom Private Cleanse + Rejuvenation: Anytime. All options include a custom 45 min consult, kit with all medicines needed and 1:1 email support throughout, instructional videos and handouts, all recipes needed in an easy to follow format, detailed guides for each day of the cleanse.

Gentle: 10 days. Full Kit w/ all supplies and medicines needed (minus your fresh food ingredients), instruction, 1:1 support, a 45 minute private consult with Sunny and unlimited 1:1 email support from Sunny throughout the cleanse. For those new to an Ayurvedic cleanse or those who have been eating a more processed diet, taking alcohol or who have come off recreational or prescription drugs and are ready to cleanse toxins and residues in a gentle way. $409 + shipping

Signature Custom Program: 16 days. Full Kit w/ all supplies and medicines needed (minus your fresh food ingredients), instruction, 1:1 support, a 45 minute private consult with Sunny and unlimited 1:1 email support from Sunny throughout the cleanse. For those who have generally eat a clean, unprocessed, organic, whole food diet. This is the program to follow if you need to keep a full schedule and continue to exercise a little (heavy exercise is discouraged).  $519 + shipping


Custom Cleanse:
1. Register for one of the 3 options: Extra Gentle, or Signature Custom.
Not sure which program is best right now? Please schedule a free 20-min session with me to discuss the options.
Once you're sure about which option to choose, please register below.
*If you're outside the US, please contact me before registering, to discuss shipping and/or supply options.

2. Schedule and have your consult with Sunny.

3. Receive your cleanse kit in the mail. Most kits include digestive tea, triphala for elimination support, daily massage oil, nasya nasal oil, dry brush, enema kit with medicine, kitchari meal ingredients, tongue scraper, bonus digestive supports and probiotics and proprietary rejuvenation herbals. However all elements are customized for your current constitution and needs so your kit may be a bit different.

4. Go Shopping for all of your fresh ingredients (list will be provided)

5. Follow the Cleanse schedule created for you, with my guidance every step of the way.

6. Take these life-changing results back into your daily life with my support, to continue your new lifestyle & newly elevated HEALTH + VITALITY.