5 Practices For Your Moon Time (Menses)


“With modern civilization came the loss of women’s memory of her precious feminine energies and her role as thekeeper of nurturance.”~Maya Tiwari

For many women, the monthly moon time, or menses  can seem like an annoyance. Most of us try to ignore our menses as much as possible and hope it will pass quickly. However, the length of our menses, and the symptoms we experience can provide valuable information about the overall health and fertility of our body (more on that later). According to Ayurveda, our menses is an essential time for cleansing and restoring the system. Making space to nourish the body during your moon time is essential to balance all bodily systems.  Below are 5 basic practices to get you started.

1) REST, READ, RELAX - As our teacher Dr. Lad says, rest read and relax during your moon time! This is a time to give yourself extra permission to do nothing, or at least very little. Learn to say "no" to extra obligations and allow others to take care of you. Although this might sound too indulgent, it is essential for you to restore your systems and prepare your body for the coming month.

2) Keep Exercise Mild - During your moon cycle it is essential that you avoid too much exercise (including yoga). Too much exercise can push ?ma (toxins) back into the body leading to a build up. Favor yoga nidra, and restorative ?sana for at least the first 3-4 days of your menses.

3) Eat a light, warm, dosha pacifying diet - Light, warm meals can be easily digested and allow the body to focus more on cleansing and less on digesting.

4) Stay Warm - Avoid extreme temperatures. In ancient India they advised against bathing because of the risk of getting too cold, which is not optimal during this part of the female cycle. Bathing is ok as long as you take a warm shower or bath and don't become chilled afterward

5) Use Natural Pads & Keep Tampons to a Minimum - Tampons disturb the flow, and chemically bleached pads can leach into our system creating toxic build up. Try using natural unbleached pads - if this is disruptive to your activities, we recommend a Diva cup over a tampon. However, Diva cups do still disturb the downward moving flow, and their use should be kept to a minimum. These products can be found online or at most natural grocers.