Preventing Vaginal Tearing - a Pre-Birth Stretch

licorice ghee

To tear or not to tear…. this is the stretch for it!

Preparing for birth can be daunting  especially if this is your first birth. You don’t know what is important to do, what will help, and what will be an extra “should” on the preparation checklist. Luckily, ?yurveda provides some time-tested techniques that actually work to make the birth process just a little bit easier. This one in particular is designed to help you prepare your tissues to become softer and stretchier to more gracefully let your baby pass through, which may prevent vaginal tearing. There is no way to guarantee that you won't tear as there are so many factors, but this will certainly help.

  • Begin the 8th Month of Pregnancy
  • Practice 4-5 x a week
  • Use Licorice ghee as lubricant (we like this one from our friends at A. Muzda)

What to do:

o  Get the licorice ghee and wash your (or your partner's) hands. Find a comfortable place to sit or lean back. Put ghee onto thumbs or fingers

yoni o  Insert one to two fingers along the bottom of the vagina after a couple of inches there is a drop-off where the inner edge of the muscles lie.

o  Massage the bottom half of the vaginal gently yet firmly to create a definite stretching, burning sensation. Usually the fingers go in about 1-1 ½ inches and you press firmly down on the side towards the anus, as the picture demonstrates.  This can also be thought of as following a U shaped motion along the lower half of the vagina

o  During massage women should practice relaxing the stretched muscles

o  Continue gently pushing the limit of stretching and relaxing up until the time of labor

o  You should notice a considerable increase in the stretchability of the muscles, this is good!!!