Kerry Meath-Sinkin: Transitions

As I reflect on this past year with Mamayurveda, a project Sunny and I started almost a year ago, I feel so much joy and gratitude for what we have accomplished. We both took on Mamayurveda because of our strong love for Ayurveda and desire to help provide accessible information to women during the childbearing years. I have personally enjoyed and learned a great deal from our journey together and feel so much gratitude for the experience to learn and grow with Sunny and our readers. During this past month an great opportunity has presented itself to me. A transition in my career that will leave little time for me to stay as invested in Mamayurveda, in the way I believe it needs to continue to grow in it’s own way. There is so much Ayurveda has to offer women during the childbearing years. I will stay on as a contributor, but I am handing off the reigns to Sunny who will lead the charge from here.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support, and sharing this journey across the past year with me. I will continue to write a few additional posts about the third trimester, and preparations for birth, but they will be much more limited as I need time to move inward and prepare for my next journey.

With so much love and gratitude,

Kerry Meath-Sinkin