Making Space for Rest and Retreat

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For the next couple of weeks we'll be taking a break from entries to enjoy some quiet, rest, and time with our families. We hope you also take some time to unplug, and enjoy the space around you. We feel taking this time away from the world, is essential to recharge and refresh our bodies on all levels.   We are looking forward to September when we'll be very excited to offer you some new writings and the beginnings of new programs for mamas and families in all different stages.  We wanted to leave you with snippet of a piece written by Dr. Lad, ENJOY!!

Meditation by Dr. Vasant Lad

Just as there is space between the clouds in the sky, there is a space between your thoughts. This Space is the doorway to the divine.

If you identify yourself with your thoughts you become the thinker. If the thought brings fear, you identify with that fear and you become afraid.

But you are not that thought. You are not the fear. You are that vast space. Thought and fear live in you. When you fight with your thoughts, you lose your energy. Just watch the space between two thoughts.

Pay attention to inattention; then inattention becomes attention. Jump into the space, the inner abyss. Clouds come and go, yet the sky remains absolutely spotless, sacred. No thought can stain the sky of consciousness.

Breath consciously with total awareness. Slow down the breathing until you can see a little space-- a gap.