Fertility Awareness: Kindara App Review

I must confess I am rather new to natural fertility planning and charting. I did not even know it was a thing until I was already pregnant with my first child. Once I found out about it and got “Taking Charge of your Fertility” my mind was blown. I could not understand why, in my 25 years, I had not heard of it. It was amazing. I kind of didn’t believe it was possible. that your body gave you all sorts of signals to show what was going on. AMAZING. I was very excited when my cycles returned postpartum and I could FINALLY try out this seemingly magical information. Long story short, it did not disappoint (our bodies are amazing guys). Being a pretty tech savvy lady, I decided to use an app as part of my charting. There are many apps out there from very simple and free to all the bells and whistles. For me Kindara was the perfect fit and here’s why.

1. It can be as simple or complex as you want. It charts the basic basal body temps, cervical fluid and menstruation, but also allows you to add custom data that you feel is helpful or specific to you.

2. I found the chart view to be clear and pleasing. The prediction of fertile days was spot on for me after only charting one cycle. This simplicity of reading chart results was a must for me. I didn’t want to spend a time of time ‘interpreting’ the results.

3. There is a large community you can tap into to learn more about charting, analyze other charts and ask questions (They call this feature community support).

4. WINK! I am very excited about this. The company has developed a new basal thermometer that will sync wirelessly with the app! It vibrates when temp has been taken and syncs both the temperature but the time with the app to help with accuracy. I can’t wait to try it out!

I have tried a few other apps with mixed success. Some were cumbersome for me with lots of information to fill out and unclear chart results. Others were just for achieving pregnancy. Kindara has a cheery reminder that sounds if I haven’t input my data for the am, and tracking ‘intimacy’ with my partner helps this mama of two keep our ‘love life’ front and center in my mind. For me, Kindara is great whether you are trying to get pregnant, trying to avoid getting pregnant or just looking to learn more about you body, it does it all and I love that. And it has a ‘free’ portion of the app, so you can give it a no obligations try.

(Kindara is currently available for iPhone and Android. If you order your Wink using this link, you and Erin will both get $10 off!)