Healthy Fall Eating: Basic Tips


As we move into Fall, the dry, light, mobile, clear, cold and subtle qualities in our environment naturally increase. These are the qualities of Vata and can lead us to feel more scattered, anxious, cold, tired, and constipated. So what can we do? This is the perfect time to start slowing down, and simplifying life. It’s time to naturally let unnecessary activities or thought patterns things that aren’t serving us fall away, and incorporate more of those juicy hydrating activities that allow us to feel nourished and relaxed. Easier said than done as parents, especially with holiday season looming. But here are some tips to get started! For a longer explanation visit a local youtube video Kerry just created for Yoga Illumined Ayurveda. Overall Focus on: warm, nourishing, and hydrating foods that have a little kick

Roast Those Roots: Favor lots of local root veggies like yams, squash, carrots, beets and pumpkins.

Sautée Up the Greens: Greens are always great, but cook them up with oil & spice.

Cook Them Apples: Apples are a great local fall fruit. In addition to that raw treat, try cooking apples. Cooked apples are more digestible, and especially good when experiencing cold or constipation in the system. You can bake them or stew them, for example.

Add a little kick: Add digestive spices such as ginger, clove, black pepper, turmeric, fenugreek, fresh dill, cumin, saffron, cardamon, and hingvastak churna (this is great for gas and bloating that often shows up in the fall).

Warm & Spice Up Your Drinks: Warm spiced milks, chai, and digestive teas such as fennel, fenugreek tulsi, and ginger. Draksha (Ayurvedic spiced wine) is a great digestive with meals.

Tastes to Emphasize: Sweet, sour, and salty tastes