5 Practices to Incorporate 4 Months Before Conception


In Ayurveda, we believe a "pre-trimester" of care is equally as important as each trimester. Incorporating diet and lifetstyle practices before pregnancy, can have a profound influence on your baby’s health. There are many more factors to consider before pregnancy, but here are 5 basics to get started. “The fetus gets delivered easily in time in its well developed form and without any pain, if the sperm, the ovum, the uterus, and the timings (of sexual union and delivery) are in excellent condition and the woman during the period of pregnancy takes wholesome diet. Even in a fertile woman, there is a delay in conception because of defects in the uterus, mental afflictions, defects in sperm, ovum, diet and regimens, union in inappropriate time and want of strength.CS: Sarirasthanam II 6-10



1- Eat foods for fertility: Healthy fats such as cold pressed organic olive, flax, sunflower, and coconut oils plus ghee and/or grass fed butter. Healthy proteins such as soaked legumes, pastured eggs and meats. Wild caught fish in small quantities. Soak your grains. Avoid processed, microwaved, packaged foods. Cook at home more!


2- Begin the following supplements: Food based prenatal vitamin for you and multi vitamin for him. CoQ10, Vit C, Vit E, Zinc, Selenium. Probiotics for both of you, but especially you – more and more research is showing that the health of mom’s vaginal flora has a profound effect on the infant gut microbiome…more on this topic later! - If you need supplements, visit the RoseHeal Dispensary. Stay tuned for a special post with some of our favorite supplements.

P1010139 3- Abhyanga at least 3x/week: Organic sesame oil for vata and kapha, organic sunflower oil for pitta. Or, better yet your herbalized doshic oil (Banyan has some good options). Check out our previous post on Abyanga for specific instructions.


4- Avoid toxins and reduce EMR exposure: Toxins in the form of food additives, pesticides, conventional cleaning and laundry products, paints, adhesives and plastic containers (especially disposable water bottles), and alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs. EMR (electromagnetic radiation) in the form of cell phones worn on your body, laptop in your lap (put it on a table), wireless modem in the bedroom, etc. You can use stones or devices that offer protection and also reduce your exposure. We like Tachyon!


5- Mindfulness practices to reduce stress: Meditation, walking in nature, yoga nidra, pranyama, yoga asana, and qi gong are all good options.