Make your own Rose Gold :)


There’s a lot of understanding in the supplement world that blending turmeric with black pepper enhances turmeric’s potency & effect. Tons of products that do this. Very few do more...

Eastern medicine (Āyurveda, Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine...) takes it further...

When we blend turmeric, pepper and ginger together for example we have something that warms, moves the blood, clears the channels, moves out inflammation and pain. However, this is also a combo that’s very HOT and DRY. It’s a somewhat reducing, yang, langhana, catabolic combo.

No problem there, except that most of us also need plenty of building, yin, bruhana/bṛmana, anabolic support.

If you’ve been following what I do lately, you’ve probably seen my new line of medicinal food products.
My signature product, Rose Gold Rejuvenation, is a golden milk formula that balances the best of golden milk’s classic blood moving, ant-inflammatory actions with rejuvenative, building, balancing herbals for a truly unique, effective, and absolutely delish drink mix.

In Rose Gold Rejuvenation, I blend crushed dates, Anantamula, Brahmi, Rose & Vanilla with Turmeric, Ginger, Black pepper, Ashvagandha and more.

The result is a daily potion that reduces inflammation and pain, beautifies the skin, builds energy, relaxes the nerves, supports sound sleep & hormonal balance and builds ojas aaaaand tastes delish!

I’m not making any product claims here, just letting you know what some of these plants do separately, and together!

So, certainly you can head over here and get yourself some Rose Gold Rejuvenation, but in this post I’m going to teach you how to make a slightly simpler version at home (just so that you don’t have go to 5 different online shops to find ingredients, or spend megabucks).

Sunny’s Make at Home Rose Gold Rejuvenation

makes enough for about 15-20 servings

1/4 cup Date sugar
1/4 cup Turmeric powder
1 Tbsp Ginger powder
2 tsp Ashwagandha powder
1.5 tsp Rose petal powder or rose petals, ground in a spice grinder or w/ mortar & pestle
1/4 tsp Cardamom powder
1/8 tsp Black Pepper, powdered or ground
optional: High quality vanilla extract (you’ll add this to taste each time you whip up a cup of Rose Gold, don’t add it to the powders)


Mix all ingredients, except vanilla extract, in a clean glass jar with a lid.

To make up a cup of Rose Gold, add approx 2 tsp to 1 cup of hot milk or veggie mylk.
Whip up with a small wire whisk or immersion blender, so it’s completely blended with no lumps.
Enjoy as is, or add to tea or coffee (my favorite tea to add to is a blend of 2 parts red roobios and 1 part organic Assam, pressed in a french press pot).

Kick back and enjoy…