Warm Almond Date Rejuvenation Smoothie

This smoothie is protein and fat rich so it satisfies way beyond the timeframe of your average morning porridge. Yet, it’s warm and rich so like porridge, it’s perfect for cold or rainy days.
The base of almonds and dates alone builds ojas (vital energy & immunity) which is amplified by the addition of Mamāyurveda Raw Cacao Energy mix, which contains medicinal mushrooms, ashvagandha, cacao, rhodiola and spices.



30 raw almonds soaked overnight

6 dates, soaked in separate container from almonds

2 1/2 cups warm water

2 teaspoons Mamāyurveda Raw Cacao Energy

_DSC8564-Copy 1.jpg
  1. Put almonds and dates in separate containers, and soak overnight. If you forget to soak overnight, pour boiling water over the separate containers of almonds (this is blanching and will allow you to remove the skins), and dates and allow to sit 10 min.

  2. Peel almonds and discard skins, pit dates.

  3. Put almonds, dates, water, and spices except in blender on high for about 3 min

  4. Add Mamayurveda Raw Cacao Energy and blend lightly

  5. Serve warm