Dirty Dandy - bulletproof & ayurvedic style


If you’ve known me for more than a minute, you know I’m a big tea drinker. You won’t usually see me drinking coffee, and I’ve never put out a recipe with coffee in it. But this one has been on heavy rotation in my morning household - helping me accomplish a lot at a busy time. This recipe has a built-in way to reduce or get off coffee altogether if that’s something you want to do!

Dandy Blend is my favorite coffee replacement and a delish drink in its own right. You can find it in select health food stores or online. It has a roasty, toasty flavor and has a nice liver cleansing action.

Cardamom blends well as a flavor with coffee and has the added benefit of reducing some negative effects from coffee.

I like the addition of butter or ghee and MCT oil as this drink fuels me to move through my morning preps and practices before I’m ready to sit down for a healthy breakfast. Try it and see how you feel :)

If you are trying to ease off coffee, use just a couple ounces to make this drink and use a bit more of the Dandy Blend and hot water. Ready to go caffeine free for a time? Remove the coffee from the recipe and use only Dandy Blend and hot water.


5 oz. brewed organic coffee - or use less, depending how much caffeine you desire
1 TBSP Dandy Blend
5 oz. hot filtered water - or use more, depending on how much coffee you use
1 TBSP organic, unsalted butter or ghee
1 TBSP MCT oil
1/4 tsp organic cardamom powder or 1 tsp Mamāyurveda Raw Cacao energy

How to:

  1. Brew your favorite type of coffee in a french press, Chemex or other method of your choice.

  2. In a blender combine coffee, Dandy Blend powder, hot water, cardamom or Raw Cacao Energy, butter/ghee and MCT oil.

  3. Whip until frothy

  4. If desired, and especially if pitta and/or vāta are high, add a little milk/coconut milk & coconut sugar or monk fruit sweetener or other sweetener if desired.

  5. Enjoy!