Your goal in this program is to learn ancient Ayurvedic wisdom
and how it applies to women's health, WHILE

elevating your own health by learning healing practices.

• Apply Ayurveda to your own life
• Help your family & friends bring balance in their lives
• Apply Ayurveda to an existing practice
(if you're a practitioner)


  • Learn by observing yourself and the world around you.

  • Learn how to vitalize body, mind and spirit using Ayurvedic principles and by working on your own health (this is the best way to learn!)

  • Learn easily. Distance format allows for home study on your own time, while studying in a one-on-one way with a seasoned instructor enhances your understanding AND allows you to apply it to your life and your work in your own unique way.


It is women who most commonly seek holistic healthcare and yoga instruction, and women at the grass roots level using what they learn to care for their families' health, and teaching others about these ancient sciences. Yet, there isn't a lot of accessible information out there about women's health from an Ayurvedic perspective. Thankfully, this is changing - let's be part of this shift!



  • The course is based on 6-7 hours/week (12-14 hrs/module) readings, & study exercises (It may take you more, or less time depending on your particular reading speed and study habits) as well as recorded lectures (Watch anytime you're able, and watch again to gather more information!)

  • Online forum for discussion with Sunny. Discuss concepts and troubleshoot your own health concerns - this is how we learn practical Ayurveda!

  • Optional one-on-one live calls. Ask questions and discuss the material and your own health/process with Sunny live online. Schedule as many or as few of these as you like. The cost for these valuable one-on-one sessions is just $40 for 30 minutes.

  • PLUS - you'll have access to the Ayurveda for Women Facebook group - where lively dialog about all things health, womanhood and motherhood takes place.


Here's how it works:
1. Register for part 1, and then part 2 or parts 1 & 2 together (and get a discount!)
*Students who already have a foundation in Ayurveda can register for part 2 on its own*

2. Receive your welcome email from Sunny with instructions
3. Purchase your course text
4. Receive your online portal login information
5. Get started as soon as you're ready! Sunny will dialog with you in the online portal within each lesson to be sure your questions are answered. This is not an automated, de-humanized thing! You will receive personal help from Sunny every step of the way!
6. Optional (but recommended) Schedule your one-on-one calls with Sunny to discuss the material as you go along.
*The course is priced without the one-on-one calls so you can tailor it to your needs. The idea is that you schedule 8 calls (one for each module), but you can schedule as many or as few as you like.
*You have one calendar year to complete the course. It's set up to take 16 weeks of study, but you can condense or stretch it out as you wish :)



• Intro to Ayurveda and its foundational philosophies
• Pancha mahabhuta (the five basic elements of creation): intro to your subtle anatomy
• Gunas (attributes): The language of Ayurveda - you can go anywhere from here.
• Tridoshic theory
• Dinacharya (daily routine): Establishing the balance that is our birthright


• Vata dosha (the air principle), its subtypes, and causes signs & symptoms of imbalance.
How do we keep vata in balance and maintain a healthy nervous system and stable nature?
• Pitta dosha (the fire principle), its subtypes, and causes signs & symptoms of imbalance.
How do we keep pitta in balance, maintain our cool, avoid inflammation and autoimmune disorders?
• Kapha dosha (the earth principle), its subtypes, and causes signs & symptoms of imbalance.
How do we keep kapha in balance, experience joy in life and maintain healthy weight?
• Prakruti (constitution) & Vikruti (constitutional disorders)
Explore your own constitution


• Agni, Taste and Digestion: The zest of life, exploring food and digestion
• Creating your own shopping list and diet plan
• Introduction to dhātu (bodily tissues): how we are nourished
• Introduction to Ojas, Tejas & Prāna


• Disease Process: how do we get off track?
• Diagnosis & Treatment: where do we look & what can we do to begin?


• Women's Hormones
• Women’s cycles & transitions
• Breathing Practices
• Approaching Trauma
• Women's Medicine


• Fertility & Preconception primer - laying the foundation for a healthy baby
• The Home PK



  • Pregnancy - Overview of pregnancy
    Foods & medicines to favor and avoid
    Lifestyle practices to favor and avoid
    Troubleshooting common ailments
    Where to birth?


  • Postpartum - diet and lifestyle guide and important practices and medicinals
    Setting up a postpartum plan with various types of support


I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the Ayurveda For Women course. Sunny is a talented instructor and cares a lot that her students fully grasp the material and are able to apply the suggestions from it. Before starting this course, I had serious apprehensions about conception and pregnancy which is how I got to it. After 16 weeks in the course, I now feel much more confident about how to prepare for pregnancy, how to go through the 9 months smoothly, and how to recover completely. Sunny’s instruction is rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom as well as modern science and her perspective is balanced and deeply nurturing. I am walking away with a solid foundational understanding of Ayurvedic principles and a deep appreciation for what this healing wisdom has to contribute to women’s health.
— Regina M. California, 2016
Dear Sunny, Thank you for everything! I really love this course! Everything about it. I love how the material is presented and all the wonderful experiences we are getting out of this. I have to say, I have never felt healthier, mind and body.
— Caroline, course participant 2015
I am a mother of two and half as I am now at the end of the course and end of my pregnancy!

My life before the course was in a complete and utter state, I was in a situation where I was about to give up on my marriage and on many other things in my life. I wanted to start a business and was devastated, thinking I wouldn’t be able to progress due to the pregnancy.

After careful researching online I found a course to use to help me with my health and beauty business idea, exactly what I needed exactly as I was not able to study outside the home with 2 children and my pregnancy nausea. My plan was a risk as I didn’t think I could do it, stress and money everything was playing a role.

I am so happy that I took this course and worked really hard to get through with all my struggles with my two young children under 6 and a baby on its way. I even stayed up until late to be able to speak to Sunny and the other amazing women on the course when My children were gone to bed, as every time we had a skype call lesson from Sunny, I felt like everything I read that week was glued nicely together and in my head.

This course gently took away not knowing what was going on with my health and gave me something that i have fallen in love with. I feel like I became more aware of my behavior, my speech, my intake of food and positivity started circulating in my life all of a sudden. I was no longer down or in despair and felt like my health getting better from this ancient knowledge which goes into exactly why everything happens to us. This was an amazing feeling, I could feel myself happy and looking forward to each course, even though I was so down in the dumps in my life, at the end of it, I have already tried some of the amazing self-care protocols and see huge benefits of it in me and my little family.

I cannot explain in words fully how glad I am that this kind of course exists, I felt like I could email Sunny at any time and she was not only quick in her replies but she also was patient and answered all my questions from her own time. Ayurveda and women’s health is a whole world of information but Sunny made it easy for a busy mother to digest without taking away vital foundations of the sacred art. I loved the fact she included all the original words in Sanskrit that will be needed if you were to ever want to go further in studies of Ayurvedic medicine.

I would like to carry on studying Ayurveda because of this experience and feel like my family around me extended too, are all feeling my positive vibes and helpful advice as they are my first test subjects!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and did not want it to end.
— R Lutaivono, London


• TUTORIAL TEACHING YOU HOW TO USE VAGINAL STEAMS for health, hormone balance, fertility & postpartum and menopause. With special guest teacher Jacqueline Wooden, LMT, Certified Practitioner of ATMAT® (Arvigo Therapy of Maya Abdominal Techniques)

• 1-year access to my professional supplement dispensary which includes a 20% discount off all supplements, and access to professional formulas you can't find in stores

-> Total value of these bonuses is over $400 <-

REGISTER FOR THE ENTIRE COURSE at the discounted rate of $749.


PART 1 (modules 1-4): AYURVEDIC FOUNDATION: Learn about Ayurveda & get started with your own constitution and health.
Tuition: $399

PART 2 (modules 5-8): WOMEN'S HEALTH THROUGH THE LENS OF AYURVEDA, including fertility, pregnancy & postpartum.
Tuition: $399

COST: $40 per 30-minute session

PRIOR STUDENTS OF AYURVEDA FOR WOMEN ONLY: Audit the current version of Ayurveda for Women at a ridiculously low price!
Cost: $195 for 12 months access.
*Sign up for mentoring calls above to get the most out of your audit year.

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