Mama Ayurveda is the joining of my two biggest passions, the role of ‘Mama’ to bring health and nourishment to the family, and the timeless wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine. I met co-founder Kerry Meath, when we were classmates at the Ayurvedic Institute years ago. Shortly after we each had our first baby, we started discussing what we found helpful or wished we’d had for ourselves during pregnancy and postpartum.  What we discovered in conversation with each other, is that despite the experience and training we both had in traditional medicine and yoga, motherhood was entirely new and frankly, a little intimidating. The information was both vast and disappointingly limited. There were so many voices, we both struggled to figure out which advice to listen to and faced uncertainty. At times we found ourselves researching for hours topics that should have been readily available. There had to be an easier way to go through something so natural and essential as pregnancy and childbirth! We found wisdom and answers in our previous experiences but it was not as easy as we felt it could or should be.

Which brings me to why we started Mama Ayurveda. While it’s only natural for pregnancy and motherhood to be challenging at times, we want it to be as easy as possible. We aim to reveal avenues to bring wholeness and nourishment to women and their families. We want to share credible resources and Ayurvedic practices (recipes, asana, exercise routines, prānāyama practices, oil, herbal, and lifestyle resources) that have proven helpful before, during, and after pregnancy. But of course, this is your pregnancy and your journey, we only wish to help you find the wisdom and balance that is fundamentally yours. We ask that you join us in this journey. We want your feedback and hope to have an open and ongoing dialogue with you! We are currently hard at work creating resources to assist you and guide you on this journey.

In health and love, Sunny